Love to Read

Building the foundation for a healthy society begins at the early childhood stage. From a very young age, children can become empowered and proactive, challenged to tap their full potential, share their strengths and engage with the world around them. At Maple Bear we seek to provide our students with the tools and resources to become active members of the community, individuals who feel a sense of duty and accountability towards those around them. Character education is an integral part of this process and when coupled with a strong, institutionally driven Corporate Social Responsibility program, there's no telling how much empowered young minds can shape the future of their communities and societies. As we embark on a journey of learning that is founded on inquiry, critical thinking and analytical skills, we have identified two potential paths for effective, child centered Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that will surely have a positive impact on the students as individuals and on the community as a whole.

Each of these initiatives will be designed to blend seamlessly with the curriculum, supporting learning in the classroom and beyond.

"Love to Read" is program that will engage Maple Bear students as well as children of all ages across Dubai. We are looking to tie up with a reputable bookstore and local parks to create interactive storytelling "adventures" that will be open to the public at select venues. The purpose of these events is to instil a love of reading in young children, hopefully developing a lifelong appreciation for the value of reading for both pleasure and knowledge. The bookstore can capitalize on the tie up with sponsorship branding as well as by selling reading materials at the event. Media coverage of these events will put Maple Bear on the map and build awareness for the importance of reading, a skill that has been proven time and time again to improve cognitive development, standardized test scores and overall academic achievement.

Internally, we indulge our children from their early years, to learn about their environment and actively participate in green initiatives including: recycling, gardening, and conservation. We inspire them to become well-mannered accountable global citizens from an early age so that they develop a better appreciation towards their society. These initiatives are incorporated into their learning through play programs.

Our leadership thrives on elevating their accountability and positive culture to reinforce the attitude of their team, and spread it through the child's ecosystem. Our qualified team bridge this safe eco friendly heaven with the outside walls as they liaise with parents and the external environment.

Externally, Maple Bear works hard to inspire young minds to enjoy reading, and we aim to develop this passion throughout our society to promote a fun, exciting, educational experience for everyone.

We believe that you should re-invent the way children read. In a highly interactive technological world, reading is quickly losing its glamour. We would like to reignite the passion of reading from an early age and maximize the excitement and fun in storytelling as we integrate the main pillars of our educational pedagogy through our interaction with the community around us.

Our program reaches beyond the confinement of our centers and into the community around us. We believe that it's everyone's duty to get involved and we would love to expand our responsibility to the less fortunate children out there, and give them a flavour of the art of reading. If you would like to participate in any way, please reach out to us, we would love to hear from you, and make this program a great success. Kindly email us at:

Maple Bear Early Learning Center - Burj Area

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