Full Time Early Childhood Programs

As a parent you want what is best for your child. Starting a child early on a path to good learning habits and giving them the tools that they need to succeed is the ultimate goal. Maple Bear preschools is a leading operator of Nursery Schools in Dubai with a long track record in early childhood focussed education for over a decade around the globe. Maple Bear partners with parents to help them to achieve their goals for their children. Early childhood learning at kindergarten schools in Dubai is an important stage for busy parents, assisting them in providing a solid background in learning for the child, coupled with good habits, mannerisms and a healthy controlled interaction with other children.

The Maple Bear system features full time early childhood programs developed by experts operating within the Canadian System, and encapsulating the best of the international exposure. It is considered as a very interactive kindergarten school Dubai. The well rounded programs at Maple Bear run five days a week. The programs operate for three to four hours daily, providing basic learning for nursery school or kindergarten aged children. Maple Bear is a school franchise operation that operates with the highest standards of quality control and ongoing audits to ensure quality standards are met.

The Dubai nursery schools program is delivered in one of two ways. Your child may attend in either the morning or the afternoon. Alternatively, attendance may be integrated into a full day program. The kindergarten or Dubai nursery schools program is delivered in an English-immersion format. It is structured for a full-year (12 months) continuous cycle. There are four levels available to you and to your child:


Program Age
Pre-toddler 18 Months
Toddler 2-3 Years
Nursery 3-4 Years
Junior Kindergarten 4-5 Years
Senior Kindergarten 5-6 Years



The focus of the learning is reliant upon the age of your child, with age appropriate programs including listening skills, reading, writing, and speaking offered to each child at Maple Bear Nursery School in Dubai.


In addition, the Maple Bear franchise school offers intensive literacy programs to learners who can commit to additional classroom time consolidating the best standards.

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