Extra Activities


Maple Bear programs provide a variety of musical recommendations for implementation in class activities. We are very aware than children learn many things from songs such as an enriched vocabulary, language patterns, grammatical expressions, listening skills, intuitive responses, and aural discrimination that helps children learn language effectively. Songs are included daily at circle time and also happen incidentally when a teacher uses songs to give instructions, encourage an activity or just for the simple joy of music.

All Maple Bear schools have musical rhythm instruments for young children to use on a regular basis and teachers are encouraged to put them out for children to play with and incorporate into their classroom activities. The role of Music in our programs greatly enhances the children's learning in many ways.


We're so fortunate that Maple Bear programs incorporate many forms of art into the daily learning of children. Through creative expression with a variety of materials children learn how to express a variety of feelings and experiences. Visual arts enhance learning and develop fine and gross motor skills. Every day our students participate in several activities where they can create something that represents some form of learning or expression.

Our recent Art Exhibition exemplified the learning that can happen when creativity is encouraged. We had samples of various types of paintings, crafts, sculptures, prints, mosaic and creative ways of using recycled materials. Everyone was amazed and what young children can produce when provided with materials and instructions that inspire.


Along with all the learning that happens on a daily basis we like to have fun with the children. Playing outside in the garden is a favourite activity. We have a great structure with three different styles of slides, a large sandbox, water play, a number of different tricycles, scooters and tandem bikes, a play house, outdoor toys, and a safe playing area for many different games and activities.

A favourite activity is when the bouncy castle and/or swimming pool is put out for play. All of these provide opportunities for fun, exercise and developing strong and healthy bodies.

Extra Activities

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